Hillside Bakery

Welcome To Hearty Bread, Baked Treats & Granola

Patra, your Hillside baker

Bread is my passion. As your Hillside baker, I specialize in handcrafted whole-grain, sourdough breads. My family eats this bread daily, and we feel nourished and healthy eating  breads that contain no oil, sweetener, nor dairy.

“Sourdough breads are flavor filled and can be eaten at each and every meal of the day, or as a snack.

“All our breads are made with organic flour. All our whole-grains are stone-ground into flour in the bakery before each bake. Our organic wheat, rye, and spelt berries, along with unbleached organic white flour, are mainly purchased through Three Rivers Market, Knoxville’s Food Co-Op.

“Flour, natural sourdough starter, pure water, and salt are the primary ingredients for our breads. As your baker, I continually search out and use only the highest quality ingredients. We use no preservatives, and the vast majority of our breads contain no oil, no dairy, and no sweeteners. Each nutritious slice of our bread is a small meal by itself!”

Hillside Bakery’s naturally leavened breads are made slowly, over several days (including the starter feedings). When the breads are fully fermented, they are then baked on the stone hearth or floor of our oven. This process of slow fermentation results in bread with multiple layers of flavor and good keeping qualities.

In addition to our naturally leavened breads, we offer:

  • Breads with a Pre-ferment or Yeast and a slow rise
  • Holiday and Seasonal Breads, including Stöllen
  • Whole-grain Vegan Muffins
  • Scones, Biscotti
  • Whole Wheat and Whole Spelt Pizza Dough
  • Holiday and Vegan Cakes
  • Granola

Everything we sell is made in our bakery.